Thursday, August 18, 2011

extinct, mythological, delicious!

so i mentioned that Andrew and Grace have a co-party in July, but their birthdays are in June and August, respectively. and though i made a platter for the party, i also made a few to celebrate on the day.

i don't care for this series of dino cutters. they're a little too simplistic. they're nice if i'm making fuzzy pastel baby dinos, but the carnivorous wrath that i expect from a t-rex just isn't there. Jeff's aunt gave me a few orphan cutters, a few of which are really excellent dinosaurs--whipping tails, gnashing teeth--next time i'll use them. with these (shrug) hey, the colors are great...

and Grace got sea horses. get it, horses? she's crazy about horses... but i'm in a picky mood, so i have to point out that the seahorse cutter is correct for seahorses, but that head-bump on top probably should have been converted to a unicorn horn--it's a little off for an ear. not that anyone noticed, they were dispersed and eaten in 2 minutes. again, i love the colors. what would you call these--"Aquastrian"?
i'm also not completely down with meringue powder yet. i can make royal icing with egg whites in the dark and it turns out perfectly (and safe!). but every time i make royal icing with meringue powder, it's a little different, and a little unpredictable, each time. with the seahorses, it kept it's fluffiness and didn't flatten out much (notice how flat the dinosaurs are). but i need the practice--the IL Cottage Food Law passed this week (woooo!) so i'll be able to sell at farmer's markets next year (woooooo!), and i'm sure the public would appreciate not having to concern themselves with egg safety in the first place.

still on the way, gluten-free hula dancers, chubby grubs for my food safety class, and 2 more birthdays...

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  1. congratson the cottage food law passing!! i wish Maryland would hurry up and get with it!