Monday, March 21, 2011

Strangly enough, tractors...

...are one of my most repeated shapes. they were the primary request in a collection of "things with wheels" for a 2-year-old boy's party, i did a dozen for Eldra's husband's birthday, one is parked in the background of my "Chicken Little" cookie photo project, and most recently, my friend Lisa requested 2 dozen for Evelyn's 3rd birthday party which, Evelyn decided, was to be a tractor party. last year Evy requested dinosaurs. in between, she got into Buzz Lightyear and Spiderman. she's a tough little cookie! meanwhile, my 3 year old son likes butterflies and singing. (shrug)

so it turns out that John Deere makes kids' party supplies, including a version for girls, with butterflies and daisies. Lisa emailed me a link for ideas. rather than girl-up the tractors, i did them in a traditional tractor style, but plated them with smaller daisies. the grown-ups thought they looked great--the kids just had big green smiles.

Lisa is on blogspot too, pursuing her life-coaching career; check out her site at the link in the right-hand column, Perspective Life Coaching. i once relayed a story to her, of when i was being trained at a new job. once i had mastered some complicated sequence of keystrokes and successfully sent out a report, i quietly clapped my hands and said "yaaay!" my trainer looked at me strangely and i had to explain, "sorry, i have a 2-year-old." Lisa heard this and nodded--we were both high-5ing little hands and saying good job, and clapping at everything. she added, "ya know, just clap your hands and say 'yay' and just see if you don't feel better." she's right!

coming soon, baseball, a school fundraiser, umbrellas, and probably more flowers--yay spring! (clap clap clap!)

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  1. I love these tractor cookies! Not a traditional shape that people are used to seeing...who would have thought John Deere made party supplies...I think you did an awersome job!