Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bob (heart) Nancy x 50!

Judy from church called and asked if 4 days was enough time to make 4 dozen cookies for her parents' 50th anniversary party. (i did 18 dozen for my own wedding in 3 days--woo!) and did i have any shapes that would work for such an occasion? (hundreds, i tell ya!) i accepted the mission and suggested a 5 and 0 baked together, gold pearl dust, gold dragees, hearts, wedding stuff... she left it up to me. so i revived my heart/rose combo and added the 50 by stamping the heart with number cookie cutters before baking. the lines remained, so all i had to do was follow them with the piping bag. some sugar and gold and a favor bag for each, and these little lovelies were off to the ball.
(if you were here in february, you may remember the same shape with animal prints for valentines day.)
Judy said they were just the perfect touch. i hope so, 50 years is a long time to wait for such a great cookie.
coming soon, how is a sunflower like superman?

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