Friday, August 21, 2009

"my little phonies"

i know i said i didn't want to make (or fake!) licensed characters but these weren't for sale, so i'm sure i won't be receiving a cease and desist letter from the my little pony people. :)
these were for my future niece and flower girl's 3rd birthday. (see the slideshow for the lavender version.) and yes i really did draw the whole thing out and color it. i think i spent about 6 hours between planning, rolling, baking and decorating, and the party-goers finished them off in a half hour. (as it should be, they were darn tastey too.)
looking forward to a farm scene one day, these would be just as nice in regular horse colors. i'll have to redraw them to make the feet and face less toy-like. perhaps i'll add a verticle piece and make carousel horses?

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